Related Blogs

Road, History and Preservation-Oriented Blogs (blogs with similar topics to Explore Route 40):
– Trunkations is the blog of Roadside America, a website that features unique and unusual roadside attractions across the U.S. The blog also shares information about useful tools for travelers (i.e. new iPhone apps, etc.).
– The Lincoln Highway Association is one of the most-established organizations in the country that is centered around one road – the historic (and nostalgic) Lincoln Highway. This blog centers around news pertinent to the highway.
– – Your Guide to Authentic Regional Eats is also an older, content-rich blog, dedicated to identifying eateries across America that represent local cuisine. Hundreds of restaurants are on this site, even in places that are more off the beaten path.
– RoadsideOnline is similar to Roadfood, except that RoadsideOnline seeks a specific establishment – the classic American diner.
– Road Trip Memories chronicles a woman’s path to discovering the stories and culture along two-lane roads in the U.S.
– Road Trips for Beer follows the authors as they explore the smaller breweries in the U.S., many of which are embedded  in towns and cities across the country.
– Jim Grey’s “Down the Road” blog records road enthusiast Jim Grey’s exploration of older, historic roads in the Midwest, one of which is that National Road in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.
– America’s Byways features constant updates from the America’s Byways program, an organization dedicated to preserving historic routes across the United States.
– The Mountain Laurel Chamber of Commerce frequently updates readers on events and attractions in the “Mountain Laurel” region, centered in Fayette County, Pa. The National Road slices right through that area.
– Like the Lincoln Highway Association, the National Historic Route 66 Federation has been around for many years, and, of course, is dedicated to promoting the history of U.S. Route 66. It’s blog features photos and information dealing with the “Mother Road.”
– On The Road is the official blog of, a roughly decade-old website that essentially documents all types of roads across the country, from the old auto trails to the interstate highways.
– Preservation in Pink provides a great source of up-to-date information on historic preservation in America.
– Brian Butko’s Lincoln Highway News follows news and updates from across the Lincoln Highway – a good resource for anyone looking for info on current events along the L.H.
Friends’ Blogs:
Marshal Carper – A blog about fighting and the abandoned generation.
Evan Moore – Showcasing the multimedia work of a graduate journalism student.
Candace Nelson – Local food culture in Morgantown, W.Va.

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