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An update…

After six years under my ownership, 192,000 miles, having been registered in three different states and travelling to 16 states, my beloved 2003 Ford Focus finally gave out on me a few months ago. So between arranging new transportation and trying to finish my master’s degree, this blog has suffered a bit recently.


A more recent photo of my old car during a 2011 winter camping trip with a friend at Rock City State Forest in New York.

Fortunately, my last semester of grad school is almost over, and I’ve secured a new car (surprise, another Focus, though much newer and younger). I visited some of my buddies from college in Indiana last weekend, and built in some time to get a few stops along the National Road on the way. And between weddings in the Midwest this summer and new wheels, I’m still excited to share new things I find along U.S. 40. So, look for some new content in the coming weeks and months! Thank you to everyone who has visited this site over the past year, and I hope I’ve provided information that’s been of use and interest!


Switching my plates from Maryland to Indiana way back in 2010.