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…to answer the question: “Who is writing this and why should I care?”

I’m Matt Murphy, currently the city/county reporter for the Daily Mail in Charleston, W.Va. – a position I’ve held since June 2013 (I can be found on Twitter @DMCityCounty).

I started this blog as a graduate student in the M.S. Journalism program at West Virginia University. I’ll be honest, I would never have begun this venture had it not been for WVU’s Blogging and Interactive Journalism class in the spring of 2012. After I got started, I ended up enjoying this subject enough to make an effort at continuing this blog.

I’m originally from Cumberland, Md. (hence how I got the idea to write about the National Road), graduated from Allegany High School and I earned my B.A. in Journalism at Huntington University in Huntington, Ind. From my junior year until I came to WVU, I was a staff reporter at The Huntington County TAB in Huntington, Ind. I covered government, politics, sports and features during my two-year-plus stint at that paper. During the summer of 2012, I interned at the Daily Mail.

I have always loved travel, and I’ve been all over the U.S. and a few foreign countries. I believe travel should be about the journey and the experience of getting from point A to point B, in addition to exploring the destination. Travel is a learning experience – whether it’s learning about people or about a place. And that’s what fascinates me about roads like U.S. 40 – there’s so much more along old roads that the interstates miss.

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6 responses to “About the Author

  • Cindy Lock

    Matt, finding your blog very informative. Planning a trip to Uniontown area. Great grandfather a shotfirer killed in 1925. Doing Gen research and plan to definitely visit coal and coke museum looking for the accident that killed him. Keep up the great job!! Thank you!

  • Jane Greene

    Hi, Matt
    What a wonderful site! You’ve encouraged us to drive this road in the fall. Meanwhile – you could list the annual Strassenfest, in Jasper, IN. This year, it’s Aug 2 – 5. (Last year, over 40,000 people attended. It’s fun!)

  • Craig Alan Myers


    Thank you for this blog. It is an interesting thing to see my home area of Western PA as seen through the eyes of an outsider. I grew up in the Markleysburg, PA area, graduated from Penn State (and contributed some of the oral history in the Coal and Coke Heritage Center at Penn State–Fayette), attended WVU (my sister lives in Morgantown, and I lived in Westover for a year and a half), and now find myself living in rural Churubusco, Indiana.

    I have eaten many a meal at Lone Star and Glisan’s, and even went to school with some of the Glisan family members. When in high school, I traveled Route 40 daily from Markleysburg to Uniontown and back. I also traveled Route 40 to the east when I attended Penn State at State College and would go 40/I-68 from home to Cumberland, then up 220 to Altoona.

    Now I live in Indiana, and know a number of Huntington University graduates from the Columbia City area.

    Anyway, thanks again for interesting and information writing on Route 40.

    • Matt Murphy

      Thanks for sharing! It always fascinates me how small the world really can be. When I lived in Huntington, I was always excited when I met someone who had been to Cumberland or surrounding areas (or at least heard of the place). Now that I’m back, I find myself noticing more of the places unique to the region, and I am more appreciative of our home area than when I left – though I very much liked my time in Indiana. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading the blog as I learn more about what’s just up the road from where I grew up!

  • Cathy

    Enjoyed your blog. You might be interested to know that on August 3rd, the second annual Mt. Davis Challenge will take place. A cycling race with prizes sanctioned by USA Cycling beginning in Confluence, PA and looping up and over Mt. Davis, the highest point in PA. Information will be available closer to the date at http://www.visitconfluence.info

    • Matt Murphy

      Thanks for the info! Last year, I posted information for as many summer festivals and events along and near the National Road, but I didn’t know about this event. I’ll definitely remember to add the Mt. Davis Challenge for this year!

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