Mile 398 – Frosty Boy, Knightstown, Ind.

The exterior of Frosty Boy.

The exterior of Frosty Boy.

On a recent trip to St. Louis, I was looking for a quick lunch off Interstate 70. I decided to check out Knightstown, close to halfway between Richmond and Indianapolis.

I came across Frosty Boy, mostly because of the look of the building – it stands out on Knightstown’s historic Main Street. I don’t know much about this history of this place, but judging by the architecture, the building has probably existed for a few decades.

FrostyBoy (2)Frosty Boy doubles as a Pizza King location, which (I later learned) is a mid-sized pizza chain in East Central Indiana that’s been around since the late 1950s. However, I also found after a quick-and-dirty Internet search that this location may not be an “official” Pizza King outlet. It’s not listed as a location on Pizza King’s website, and apparently Indiana’s pizza history involves a few Pizza King copycats, so I’m not sure what the case is here.

But back to the Frosty Boy end of it.

The menu at Frosty Boy.

The menu – with lots of options.

The menu is chock full of options, mostly diner-type food and, of course, ice cream. I went with a breaded pork tenderloin, because Indiana.

The food came out quickly, and it wasn’t bad. Being mid-afternoon on a Friday, there weren’t too many other people coming and going, and most got some form of ice cream.

Still, it definitely beat larger fast food outlets for a quick bite to eat. And, they have breaded pork tenderloins, which are a very popular sandwich in the Hoosier State (there’s even a blog dedicated to them!).

A breaded tenderloin at Frosty Boy.

A breaded tenderloin at Frosty Boy.

If you’ve never had a tenderloin before and are in Indiana, try one. There are a ton of great restaurants across the state that serve this sandwich, and one of the more well-known places to grab one is at Nick’s Kitchen in Huntington – the same city where I went to college. Since I mentioned Rick Garrett’s blog earlier, here’s his review for Nick’s Kitchen.

Parking is available on-site. Frosty Boy also only takes cash – no credit/debit cards.

The interior of Frosty Boy.

The interior of Frosty Boy.

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