Mile 68 – Searight’s Tollhouse

The Searight's Toll House, Fayette County, Pa.

The Searight’s Toll House just northwest of Uniontown is the third and final remaining toll house on the National Road from east to west, and the second of two remaining Pennsylvania toll houses (there used to be six in all in Pa.). Like other Pennsylvania toll houses, it was built in 1835, at the time when the federal government handed ownership of the National Road to the states. Pennsylvania then changed the National Road into a turnpike, or toll road.

The only other remaining toll house in Pennsylvania is the Addison (Petersburg) Toll House, not too far from the Mason-Dixon Line in Somerset County. (There is one other toll house still existing in Maryland, the LaVale Toll Gate House. Like the other toll buildings, the Searight’s Toll House is named for the small hamlet of Searights, Pa. In turn, Searights is named for William Searight, a prominent Fayette County resident who was the commissioner of the National Road in Pennsylvania from 1842 to 1845. Searight was later the commissioner of the National Road as well, but only in Fayette County.

A replica list of tolls at the Searight's Toll House.

The grounds of the Searight’s Toll House are open to the public from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is a parking lot behind the building that can be accessed right from U.S. 40. The building is currently owned by the Fayette County Historical Society, and tours are available from that group. There is no website for the society, but it can be reached at 724-439-4422.

3 responses to “Mile 68 – Searight’s Tollhouse

  • Kaitlin

    These toll houses are neat – what architectural gems. Is this octagonal? Or just the second floor?

    • Matt Murphy

      The entire front part of the building is octagonal for both floors. I think the toll house in Addison is the same way, but the toll house in LaVale, Md., has seven sides (I think). I really wish these were open regularly, and more people were aware of how unique these buildings are!

  • carol stutzke, family name in searights, shimko

    my mother grew up in searights…I visited my grandmother every summer there, as a child i would pass this building often…very interesting….

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