Daily Archives: 18 January 2012

Buckle up!

Over the next few months, we’ll be traveling from east to west along the over 100 miles of U.S. Route 40 in Maryland and Pennsylvania, checking out what there is to see and do in the cities and towns along the road. The first goal of this blog is to provide a resource for both local and non-local travelers of attractions along the road. For those who travel the highway every day, this may mean discovering something in your own backyard, and for those from out of the area, this may mean finding something to see during the journey.

Appalachia has long been one of the most overlooked regions of the country. Few travel literature exists about this region, especially when compared with other regions. As the region is being “discovered” by outsiders for its natural and man-made recreation opportunities, a need for travel resources in the region is needed. Hence goal No. 2  of this blog: to provide a piece in travel literature for the Appalachian region.